Whatever Happened To Ken Gray, Journalist? All Bulldog Or All Bull?

This blog and twitter account started up to have a little fun with former journalist Ken Gray. He might try to argue he is still a journalist, but my statement is just a bit of delicious irony. From his once-lofty perch at the Ottawa Citizen, Ken complained bitterly about “bloggers” (and twitter) bringing down the quality of journalism. What’s ironic about it is that like so many in the old school media, Ken has since lost his newspaper job and is now “just a blogger” himself. Does that mean you are no longer a journalist, Ken? How about a follow up on this topic on your own blog? It’s all about perspective.

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Ken Gray: Bulldog Clings To Media Life Like Poop On A Dog’s Hind Leg

The June 23 announcement of Ken Gray’s retirement from the Ottawa Citizen was the big news that left citizens of Ottawa asking one big question: who the hell is Ken Gray?

Turns out he writes a column and a blog at the Ottawa Citizen, and does some other stuff too. He’s retiring from the stuff. This means he is moving closer and closer to becoming what he fears most: just a guy who writes a blog (and has all day to do it).

Pity the poor poor Ken Gray.

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Ken Gray, an Ottawa censor at the Ottawa Citizen

UPDATE! After several weeks of effort with Twitter staff doing their due diligence, Ken Gray, writer of the sort-of-blog The Bulldog at the Ottawa Citizen, has failed in his efforts to censor my Twitter account, @KenGrayOttawa! I now know with certainty it was Ken Gray himself (not some lawyer with the newspaper) who attempted this censorship, as this was accidentally confirmed by Twitter in an email that said “the complaint from the reporter.” It’s no wonder The Bulldog has been more like The Bullshit in recent weeks, Ken Gray has battled with Twitter over no less than FIVE alternate accounts that were created to combat his censorship with spurious claims that the account was not sufficiently differentiated. The fact is, it was clear to everyone that Mr. Gray does not write as well as yours truly, not on a blog, and certainly not on Twitter!

Ken Gray has been haggling the Twitter folks to death, the finally told me if I changed the username to KenGrayOttawaNo they would tell him to shove off, once and for all. So, annoying as it is that a staff member of the Ottawa Citizen is fighting freedom instead of standing up against censorship, the change as been made. It is worth the compromise to continue holding Mr. Gray accountable for his shoddy work in the public domain.

Mr. Gray has grown so irrelevant in Ottawa media circles that we were going to leave him alone. We haven’t blogged about his stupidities for some time. Our fun has been limited to tweeting from @KenGrayOttawa, an account clearly identified as a spoof and in full compliance with Twitter terms of service.

The problem for Ken Gray and the @OttawaCitizen folks is that @KenGrayOttawa was proving to be much more popular than @KenGray. In fact, we had already surpassed him on Google! Clearly, things were only going to get worse for Mr. Gray, who fancies himself a precious journalistic gem.

Instead of dealing with his many inadequacies, Ken Gray and the Ottawa Citizen have attempted to have the account permanently suspended (they have succeeded thus far in a temporary suspension, Twitter has yet to explain the grounds for this).

With 2000 followers accumulated in just a few weeks, it will be disappointing if @KenGrayOttawa never returns. Hopefully Twitter will do the right thing. But we’re not waiting to find out!

Like a phoenix we rise again to put a burn on Ken Gray and the Ottawa Citizen. We don’t like censorship. It was all in good fun, but now we’re pissed off, and we think you should be too. If you value free speech and don’t think corporate media like the Ottawa Citizen should be involved in censoring the internet, we think you should follow @KenGrayOttawaNo.

Join us in giving Mr. Gray and his scumbag newspaper a piece of your mind: the media should be fighting censorship, not driving it! Shame on you Ottawa Citizen! Shame on you Ken Gray! And shame on you too, if you don’t do something about it!

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Ken Gray Tried & True Journalism: Borrow From Blogs

Back on March 3 we gave The Bulldog (Ken Gray’s sort-of-blog on the Ottawa Citizen) a slap in the nose for his weak commentary on Mayor Watson and the brutally flawed Ottawa light rail transit plan.

A day later it was time for another shot to Ken Gray’s neutered nuts for turning over his already questionable use of web space to the mayor himself, who was given a free “propaganda” platform (in the words of Ottawa Citizen journalist Joanne Chianello).

Typical of today’s old media, Ken Gray and the Ottawa Citizen are a day late, this time borrowing from yours truly. Check out our two blog entries linked above, and then compare to the March 9 comments in The Bulldog:

Watson should just state the facts. The tunnel project is already over-budget, inflation is eating away at price estimates, the project is taking too long, and for $2 billion or more, it doesn’t solve the city’s fast-growing commuting problems. It’s a $2-billion mistake.

See how closely those comments reflect what was stated almost a week earlier right here in our blog “Ken Gray Comes Close.” Eerily similar? We think so!

We don’t mind Ken Gray and the Ottawa Citizen “borrowing” from our blog. But we think it’s only fair that we get a cut of the advertising revenues. After all, we are writing this blog because we are all about truth. Ken Gray just writes for dollars.

Let’s chat about it on twitter, you’ll find us @KenGrayOttawa.

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Old Bulldog Learning New Tricks: Ken Gray Tries Twitter

Don’t hold your breath for an apology, but after Ken Gray – author of the sort-of-blog The Bulldog on the Ottawa Citizen website – received a serious spanking for his social media ignorance and general arrogance, there’s been a shift in his online behaviour!

At first he tried to fight back, but alas nobody could understand his tinfoil-hatted rant. He was also publicly called out by one of his colleagues, Joanne Chianello, and one can only imagine the private reaming by social media editor Melanie Coulson.

After Gray’s initial loss of control in his rant about bloggers, he further lost his grip on reality thanks to a local social media guru that made such outrageous claims as insisting to Gray that Twitter was more like a conversation than short clips of journalism.

Gray persisted with his insistence that tweets should be treated as clips of professional journalism, and that brough us to the tinfoil rant and spanking by readers.

Clearly in the wrong, Gray has never apologized: not for his personal attacks, nor for his omnibus attack on all bloggers of the world.

But either Gray (or perhaps an intern who knows how to operate a computer) has started using Twitter like, well, like Twitter. OK, let’s not get excited, he’s just done a few retweets. But it’s a beginning. The mere act of the RT indicates that Gray (or a Gray peon) acknowledges the existence of others in the twitterverse. That’s a big step for the ignorant and arrogant Gray of just a couple of weeks ago. Granted, it’s not like he is having actual conversations, and thus far Gray’s retweets are all about Gray (he only retweets people who mention him) but it’s a start.

And it’s as close to an apology as Ottawa citizens are ever going to get.

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What’s Worse Than A Ken Gray Blog? A Ken Gray Guest Blog!

It’s almost as if Ken Gray and the Ottawa Citizen are seeking to prove their new media incompetence: they’ve given over The Bulldog, Ken Gray’s sort-of-blog on the Ottawa Citizen website, to so-called “guest bloggers.” The results thus far are downright depressing.

First it was free advertising for Mayor Watson, and now it’s a boring press release from Councillor Diane Deans shining us on about the infallibility of upcoming changes to OC Transpo routing. There’s no point even quoting from it. There’s nothing new – or to borrow from our new fav social media guru and Ken Gray critic – nothing conversational about these press release cut-and-paste efforts. Not only is the content totally uninspiring, but why does the Ottawa Citizen need to give MORE free press to politicians? It’s the rest of the world that is grossly under-represented in the world of old media.

So, just when we thought Ken Gray and The Bulldog could not get any worse, the Ottawa Citizen goes and finds a way. Is it that Melanie Coulson is totally incompetent and deserves the credit for making the Ottawa Citizen online even worse? Or are the old white men refusing to change? Either way, it’s pathetic.

It’s not that the guest blog idea doesn’t have merit. The problem is, they’ve given over their blog to people who don’t know how to blog. Ken Gray and the Ottawa Citizen won’t understand this comment, and that’s why the newspaper and its weak online effort will soon enough be a past tense reference.

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The Bulldog Takes A Nap

Ken Gray, author of the sort-of-blog The Bulldog on the Ottawa Citizen website, has recovered from his horrific meltdown of the past week by adopting a new strategy: be boring.

For his performance in the pursuit of boredom, we give Ken Gray a grade of A! And not one of those grades doctored up by Ottawa schools to look gone on their provincial assessments, we’re talking top-notch boring! By writing as though he is the publicist for Mayor Watson, valuable Ottawa Citizen web space (OK, potentially valuable) has been filled with nothing but reports on which ribbon the mayor is cutting today. Yawn.

This Watson-a-thon may seem a drastic change from Gray’s ranting and raving of the previous week, but it turns out this is not a choice. It’s actually a strategy. Ottawa Citizen insiders have informed us that after a thorough beating by readers an unrepentant Ken Gray was finally spanked by the higher powers and ordered to behave.

As much as the arrogant and ignorant Ken Gray offends us, the new institutional grey Gray is even worse!

Postmedia Network Inc., you can bite us, we want our rabid bulldog back!



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